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So-called VR/3D Headphones What Ghost
- Mar 23, 2017 -

Taking into account the prevailing market conditions and the practical application of 3D headphones, sound cool in the East believe that both attributes will be a 3D headset with Ossic x direction in the short term. So they have begun abandon device for soft decoding approach, try encapsulating entity DSP audio algorithm modules, and power and performance optimization of the algorithm, making it run in the independent circuit inside the headphones.
Gradually developed into a self-contained mobile VR headset
"The current VR audio industry generally believed that--VR the audio is likely to succeed ahead of VR. ”
So what is "mobile VR headset"? In short is the ability to use independently of the VR VR headset. Sounds a little absurd--as a VR helmet, "accessory", VR headset how could it exist?
"Who says want immersion must be blindfolded with a helmet? We can get rid of the helmet – 2D videos to enjoy this immersive 3D audio. When the glasses-free 3D technology matures, we need VR helmet? ”