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Aroma Diffuser Nebulizer Hotel Shopping Arcade, Central Air Conditioner Odor Diffusion Instruments
- Mar 23, 2017 -

Hotel shopping malls spread incense aroma diffuser essential oil atomizer device central air conditioner odor diffusion device, according to the statistics: 89.3% of Europe and the United States hotel and entertainment services are aromatic plant, China's Hong Kong, Macao and mainland cities with hotel entertainment than the aromadevice aroma device 33.7% higher consumption. This is the beauty of fragrance marketing. Scent marketing costs low was for big gains. Environmental protection: diffuser fragrance atomizer spray material is unique in the world of patents, has applied for patents in several countries. Will not be corrodedby oil. Do not settle down in the garbage. Spread out small particles of essential oil,not corrosion to the hotel's air conditioning unit.Security: even after a long time of use, ultra micro mist particles will not clog the HVAC air duct, so that you can avoid HVAC damage and unnecessary repairsProduct features:1, touch controls, unique frequency management system2, low operating costs, spread a large space3, no smell left in ventilation ducts4, scent environment uniform distribution5, odor control6, using the newly developed patented nozzle to flavor spray to the nanoscale particles. So as to ensure that the fragrance-free residue in pipes7, does not require any installation of pipelines, directly near a fresh air inlet of the unit.8, microcomputer automatic control, set the daily switching time and frequency