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Wholesale Metal Mini Spinner For Relieving ADD, ADHD, Anxiety, Autism And Boredom

1. Model: EF-27
2. Material: Aluminum Alloy
3. Size:: 66*14mm
4. Color: Silver/ Gold/ Blue/Black/Pink
5. Rotation time: 1-3 minutes

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Product Details

Fidget Spinner EF-27 Picture:


  • 【COOLEST NEW SPIN TOY】: keep calm all day long, designed from highly durable zinc alloy metal body & metal bearing revolve at top speed to achieve a much longer spin. Get the most stylish new anti-anxiety fidget spinner, relieve stress or just play around, and feel good while you’re at it.

  • 【LONG SPIN TOY】: get a longer spin of up to 4 minutes with the common flipping techniques. Play a spin game with your friends or colleagues to see who can achieve the longest spin.

  • 【COLORFUL, RAINBOW EFFECT】: spins at the slightest provocation and creates a powerful rainbow effect. Think about a colorful alien saucer spinning at top speed and you might just imagine how awesome this particular spinner can get.

  • 【BRING OUT YOUR GENIUS】: a superb and fully silent toy that you can use to increase your focus and concentration while you’re engrossed in thinking tasks. Use one hand to keep this spinner going while you rack your brain over your next project or that new business idea.


1 * Fidget Spinner 

* Package Box

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