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Table Top Design Premium EDC Fidget Spinners Hand Spinner For Relieve Your Stress Anxiety ADHD And Boredom

1. Model: EF-13
2. Material: Brass+Staless steel
3. Size:: 9*69mm
4. Color: black/red/gold
5. Rotation time: 3-5 minutes
6. bearing: R188 changeable bearing

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Product Details

Table Top Design Premium EDC Fidget Spinners Hand Spinner For Relieve your Stress Anxiety ADHD and Boredom

Fidget Spinner Specification:

EDC Spinner Color


MaterialBrass+Staless steel
FunctionRelieve Stress
BearingR188 changeable bearing
EDC Spinner rotate time3-5 minutes 


Global Sales Situation:


Fidget Spinner Picture:



1 * Fidget Spinner 

* Metal Box

Spinner benefits?

There's no doubt that toys that allow kids to fidget can benefit kids with autism. Occupational therapists often use sensory toys like tactile discs, Koosh balls and even putties or clays to soothe kids who have sensory-processing issues. Similarly, research has shown that movement can help kids with ADHD to focus. A 2015 study published in the Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology by Rapport and his colleagues looked at 8- to 12-year-old kids with ADHD. The researchers found that those who participated in gross motor activity — meaning the movement of limbs or large parts of the body — performed better than those who sat still during tasks involving working memory, which is a type of memory used for processing incoming information. Exercise has also been proven to be helpful for kids with ADHD. 


Fidget Spinner test report:

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