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New Arrival Camouflage Fidget Spinner, Rotate Time 2-3 Minutes

1. Model: EF-28
2. Material: ABS+Metal
3. Size:: 76*76*16mm
4. Rotation time: 2-3 minutes

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Product Details

New arrival camouflage fidget spinner, rotate time 2-3 minutes

Fidget Spinner EF-28 Specification:


Product Size: 76*76*16mm

Bearing: 608 bearing

N.W: 52g

G.W: 60g

Rotation time: 1-3 minutes  

R&D System



EDC spinners do spin nice and quickly, although it does seem that people with larger hands preferred them the most, with some who had small hands reporting back that the fidget spinner could be a little difficult to get going. The spinner should spin around nice and quickly, however if you do find that it becomes stuck now and again, try applying a bit of oil to the bearings to slicken it up a bit. If you struggle to find a fidget spinner that's got the right dimensions for you, they're easy to make, so you could always have a crack at constructing one yourself.

While tri-spinners seem to be the most common hand spinner design, there are plenty of other designs out there too which may be more suitable to you. There are plenty sold that just have the one bearing for you to spin around and you can also find spinners with two bearings.

There are many plastic spinners out there but that's not the only material that fidget toys are made out of. Also on sale are spinners made of metal and wood, all with different price points and different qualities. If you become fond of these toys, you could always buy a collection of them to show off to your friends. They are undoubtedly going to get bigger and bigger over the next few years so why not get ahead of the game now?

Fidget Spinner EF-28 Picture:



1 * Fidget Spinner EF-28

* Package Box

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