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Health Product Camouflage Metal 360 Spinner

1. Model: EF-28
2. Material: ABS+Metal
3. Size:: 76*76*16mm
4. Rotation time: 2-3 minutes

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Product Details

  • ROTATION: One premium bearings at the center surrounded by three black metal ring counter weight to ensure the smoothest rotation.

  • STRESS REDUCER: It helps to reduce anxiety and release stress and prevents boredom, ADHD, ADD. This is a good anxiety-fighting accessory for fidget.

  • EASY TO CARRY: The hand spinner is small enough to be put in pocket, purse or bag, weighs about 2.3oz, bring no burden to you, you can play it with no time and geographical restrictions.

  • USAGE: Hold spinner in one hand and use the other hand to spin it rapidly, the spinner will keep spinning, and you can strike it again and again to maintain the speed.

Fidget Spinner EF-28 Picture:



1 * Fidget Spinner EF-28

* Package Box

Please Note
This hand spinner can be installed by yourself, so when you receive it in pieces, don't worry, just try to build them up. 

- Hold the spinner with your thumb and forefinger.
- Use another hand to strike one side of it.
- Keep striking from time to time to maintain the speed.

Helpful Gadget
Ideal for people who are suffering from anxiety, stress, ADHD or Autism, this fidget spinner is going
to help you relieve stress and mitigate anxiety.

1.Please allows 0.1-0.2 inches error as manual measurement. 
2.The color just for reference only,as different monitor,color will slightly different from pictures shown.
If you feel upset, stressed or bored, spin it!

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