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2017 Hot New Products Edc Handspinner Toys Metal Floating Fidget Gyro Spinner

1. Model: EF-14
2. Material: Brass+Staless steel
3. Size:: 9*64.5mm
4. Color: Blue/black/red/gold
5. Rotation time: 3-5 minutes
6. bearing: R188 changeable bearing

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Product Details

2017 Hot New Products Edc Handspinner toys metal floating fidget Gyro spinner

Fidget Spinner Feature:

߷REDUCE ANXIETY & STRESS: Perfect for those with Fidgety Hands, Anxiety, ADHD, PTSD or Autism. The fidget spinner helps increase Focus, Concentration, and Creativity through an active spinning motion to calm individuals with nerves or restlessness. Quit Bad Habits and Combat Boredom with our cool new stress relief toy.

߷ HIGH QUALITY PRECISION DESIGN: Each fidget tri-spinner is meticulously crafted with high end solid stainless steel for better durability and perfectly balanced spins (no wobble). Our CNC laser precision manufacturing guarantees a consistently smooth surface with no sharp edges or corners. Premium high-speed stainless steel R188 bearings with removable threaded concave buttons offer an easy grip and silky smooth Spin Times of 3-5 Minutes!

߷ EVERY DAY CARRY (EDC): The fidget spinner is smaller and denser than other top quality metal fydgets. This makes it easier to effortlessly spin with One Hand and between two fingers. Our premium fidget is stealthy, discrete, and quiet. The perfect addition to your EDC gear collection.

Fidget Spinner Picture:



1 * Fidget Spinner 

* Metal Box

Catherine Hettinger, a chemical engineer by training, was initially credited by some news stories to have been the inventor of the fidget spinner, including by media outlets such as The Guardian,The New York Times,and the New York Post.Hettinger filed a patent application for a "spinning toy"in 1993 and a patent was issued, but Hettinger allowed the patent to lapse in 2005 after she could not find a commercial partner.A May 2017 Bloomberg News article showed that Hettinger was not the inventor of the fidget spinner, and Hettinger agreed.


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