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Good Christimas Gift 360 Circle Wheel Hand Spinner

1. Model: EF-32
2. Material: Aluminum alloy
3. Size:: 60*60*12mm
4. Color: black/ blue/ red/ purple/ silver
5. Rotation time: 2-4 minutes
6. Bearing: 925 bearing

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Product Details

  • Superior Bearing made in Japan,Specially designed for fingertip,Perfectly balanced and weighted for ultra fast long time spins and smooth operation.

  • Brass Metal Edge Meterial.It is stronger and more durable than other penny fingertip gyro.The smoothly metal edge will not scratch fingers.

  • Extremely Cool Silent,Great EDC design and ADHD focus finger spinner toy for relieve anxiety,reduce stress. Longer use makes your fingers more flexible.

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1 * Fidget Spinner 

* Package Box

Fidget Spinner Certificate:

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