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High Quality Soft Flexible Magic Fidget Ink Pen

1. Model: EFP-01
2. Material: Magnetic Metal
3. Size:: 14.5*1.2 cm
4. Color: SS Green Black/ Dark Green/ Rose Red/ Golden/ Black White/ Blue/ Lead Grey

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Product Details
Seperate Line

  • A Novelty and practical toy set:Not only can be used as a normal pen, but also can be played as a great toy when you are boring or nervous. Suitable size for taking outside,great for any occasions.

  • Great for anxiety, focusing, ADHD, autism, quitting bad habits, staying awake and easy To Carry.

  • The spring - like resistance of our stainless-steel flexo shaft will fill the void of any stress ball.It's more useful!

  • The carbon-steel sphere has a silky-smooth rotation that discretely satisfies the pen clicker in all of us.

  • The one of a kind detachable flexo clip is an amazing standalone fidget tool with rare earth magnets that allow you to easily detach and reconnect the clip.On top of that,it's incredibly useful!Clip it onto your backpack, purse,or notebook for on the go fun!


Fidget Pen Picture:


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