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Factory Wholesale Anexity Desk Toys Fidget Cube

1. Model: EF-01
2. Material: ABS+ Metal
3. Size:: 3.3*3.3*3.3 cm

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Product Details

Fidget Cube Feature: 

  • The ULTIMATE Blue Fidget Cube by FidgyFidge is equipped with 6 sides of pure fidgeting goodness aimed to help alleviate anxiousness, lack of focus, ADHD symptoms and more. Finally you can give into those fidget cravings and discover a new and better way to stay focused.

  • Made with HIGH QUALITY materials, assembled with incredibly detailed internal parts complete with a simple, portable and soft plastic exterior. This guarantees the smooth and sturdiest fidgeting experience available on the market. Take the Blue Fidget Cube by FidgyFidge anywhere you go and be ready for the unexpected.

  • A LIFE-HACK in your hands - our fidget cube comes with all the bells and whistles you’d expect but never knew you needed. Choose from twiddling a joystick, flipping a switch, twirling your thumbs on a spinning disc (fav), pretending you’re popping bubble wrap or clicking a pen, spinning gears or calming your mind with the soothing stone inspired feature. The solution is there, the choice is yours!

  • TAKE CONTROL of your mind and relieve all your stresses and anxieties from school, work or just the daily grind of life. The Fidget Cube by FidgyFidge makes a great everyday carry gift for friends or loved ones who struggle with ADHD, autism, OCD, anxiety or other similar disorders that disrupts their daily lives.


Fidget Cube Picture:



1 * Fidget Cube 

* User Manual

Gift Box


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