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China Manufacture Commercial Scent Diffuser With USB Interface

1. Model: EU-1501
2. Material: PP+ABS
3. Size:: 85*73mm
4. Power supply:2 x AAA battery or DC 5V
​5. Effective area:10m

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Product Details

How to choose essential oils for Aroma diffuser?

Aromatherapy diffuser has the function of purifying the air, removing mosquitoes, moisturizing, reducing radiation and so on, but adding different aromatherapy essential oils can achieve different effects. Some essential oils are suitable for relaxing, and some essential oils are suitable for refreshing, choosing the right aroma essential oils is very important.

Here are a few aroma essential oils and their functions:

1. geranium essential oil: you can relax, adjust the mood, it has effect to remove the mosquito in summer.

2. Yilan essential oil: flowers scent, help to relax the mood.

3. Red orange essential oil: can help make the mood become cheerful.

4. Grapefruit essential oil: help to eliminate fatigue, inspire the spirit.

5. Mint essential oil: help to inspire the spirit, make people refreshed.

6. Rosemary Essential Oil: also can boost the spirit of the oil, can make people full of vitality.

7. lemon essential oil: can make people refreshed, cheerful mood. Also suitable for mixing with other essential 


8. Lavender essential oil: can relieve tension, stable mind, very suitable for bathing or bedtime.

9. bergamot essential oil: make people feel fresh and cheerful.

10. Grapefruit Essential Oil: can help make people feel calm.

11. Citrus essential oil: to ease the tension, so that the mood becomes cheerful and stable.

12. Rose essential oil: you can calm down the feeling of relief, decompression, sleep, the mood has a great 

      positive impact.

13. Tea tree essential oil: to make the mind fresh, rejuvenation, can appease the unstable mood.

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Package Details: 

1 * Scent Diffuser

1 * USB line

1 * User Manual

1 * Aroma Diffuser Gift Box


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