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Essential Oil Spa Aromatherapy Ceramic Mini Car Air Purifier

Essential Oil Spa Aromatherapy Ceramic Mini Car Air Purifier

1. Model: EU-1521B
2. Material: PP+ABS+PC
3. Size: 150*160MM
4. Rated Voltage: DC 18V 600mA
​5. Power Consumption: 11.5W
6. Cistern Storage: 400ML
7. LED: 6pcs(7 colours)
8. Mist Control:30 Seconds Interval/Continuous/Off

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Product Details

  • Safe & easy to use - ultrasonic waves, no burning or heating, no damage to essential oils, built in overheating protection. just add water, a few drops of your favorite essential oil and enjoy. auto shut off at low water level or abnormal overheating

  • Durable & elegant - stunning ceramic vase design with soothing warm white led light enhances every decoration and is not easily damaged. portable for home, yoga, office, spa, bedroom, baby room etc

  • Ultrasonic technology & therapeutic - ultrasonic diffusing ensures the integrity of the essential oil molecular structure and allows for healthy bodily absorption, reduce stress, purify air from germs & allergens, improve room environment, sleep quality & more

  • 2 working modes & whisper quiet operation - 3 hours continuous mist modes or 6 hours intermittent mist modes. also, whisper quiet - designed to be extremely quiet and pleasant, absolutely no noise, heat or vibration, relax without any distracting sound

  • Ultrasonic water-oxygen diffusing - The diffuser ultrasonic water-oxygen diffusing produces healthy anions, it's a great way to add negative ions to your room


Decorative Home Decoration & Best Gift Choice
Joly Joy Ceramic Diffuser is not only a multi-functional ultrasonic aroma diffuser,
but also an elegant home decoration.

The deluxe ceramic vase cover easily fits for your home surrounding, looks like an art in your room, highlights your elegance and high-end taste.

With the unique appearance and high-class packing, it's really a decent gift for both men and women.

Beautiful Diffuser "Starry" 

When you turn on the LED light of the diffuser at night,the soft warm lights pass through the small holes, as beautiful as stars in night sky.
you will feel like staying in a garden by the light of the moon.

Just image that you hold your little baby in your arms,
and tell her the story of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
She stares at the "stars" and falls asleep by the companion of Alice...

Multiple Benefits
It's not only an Essential Oil Diffuser,but also a small Air Humidifier & Purifier thanks to the Negative Ion produced by ultrasonic nebulization.

Super Quiet Ultrasonic Operation
It silently diffuses soothing aroma scent and cool mist to the air through super fast ultrasonic vibrations. No heat to damage essential oil element, no beep to disturb your nap, meditation or sleeping.

Adjustable mist mode
Continuous mist: 3 hours, or intermittent mist: 6 hours.
110ml reservoir capacity provides an ideal coverage for a small room and kitchen, bedroom, spa room, or baby's room.

* Mist output: 35ml / Hour (industrial general standard)
* Working time: Continuous mist: 3 hours, or intermittent mist: 6 hours. 
* Auto power off: When the water is run out, the diffuser and light will turn off automatically.



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