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Essential Oil Humidifier Electric Car Aroma Diffuser From China

Essential Oil Humidifier Electric Car Aroma Diffuser From China

Great Mist Output- much larger mist output than standard-sized aroma oil diffuser, this aroma humidifier without filter gets a 1.3L water tank and gives a super strong mist from 52mL/h to 230mL/h while the normal aroma diffuser only outputs 20mL/h-30mL, designed for large spaces (such as a living room) specially

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Product Details
  • Elegant Carving Design- unique and beautiful as a home décor, our essential oil diffuser is to provide a both holistic benefits and a designer décor to your home or work space

  • A Must-have Oil Humidifier-more than a compact humidifier, Aromacare diffuser can work with your essential oils to create your own aromatherapy whenever or wherever you want

  • Ultrasonic Technology & Anti-Corrosive Silicone -with advanced ultrasonic technology, the core of this aromatherapy humidifier vibrates 1.7 million times per second to convert the water and oil into a fine mist; with updated high quality silicone seal to avoid leaks

  • BPA-Free and Auto Shut off- unlike other essential oil diffusers, the whole Aromacare aromatherapy diffuser is made of Polypropylene(PP), which is bpa free and resist the corrosion of the scented oil; with auto shut off function; can be safely used in kids’ rooms without worry


1.Made Entirely Out of Polypropylene (PP) 
Almost all the essential oil diffusers on the market are made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene(ABS) and Polypropylene (PP) at various parts. However, only PP is anti-corrosion and ABS is not, which is why usually essential oils smudge on exterior of most diffusers. With this new design, the Aromacare large tank oil humidifier is made of Polypropylene only, from outside to inside to avoid corrosion or smudging of any type.

2. Adjustable Mist Output 
You can choose the mist output as per your needs via a convenient and flexible rotary switch, you can change it to any mist output, from 52mL/h to 230mL/h, giving your room enough moisture with extra-large stream of mist.

3.Classic Water Droplet Design 
Elegant pure-white color with laser-carving pattern of butterflies and flowers. Use it as a designer, decorative, or conversation piece to create unique scenery.

EU-281 (5).jpgEU-281 (5).jpgThere are so many options, why Choose Us? 
We are a manufacturer focusing on aroma diffusers and humidifiers for 14 Years. All our products are produced under strict quality control, like the IQC procedure for all of our components, in-progress QC, and finishing QC. Also you can get: 

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