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Aromatherapy Essential Oil Nebulizer Micro-air Diffuser

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Nebulizer Micro-air Diffuser

1. Model: EU-1502N
2. Material: PP+ABS+Glass
3. Size: 224*182*120MM
4. Rated Voltage: DC 24V 500mAh
​5. Input Voltage: AC 100-240V/50-60Hz
6. Cistern Storage: 100ML
7. Ultrasonic Frequency: 2.4MHz
8. Water Consumption Per Hour: 25-30ML

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  • ✔ ITALIAN DESIGN: Italian marble finish and a modern shape make the Hathaspace diffuser the perfect complement for any décor. With optional multi-color ambient lights, this contemporary diffuser will bring a sense of tranquility to your space.

  • ✔ EXCEPTIONALLY QUIET: With ultra-quiet operation, the Hathaspace diffuser will peacefully and silently transform your space, diffusing the perfect balance of essential oil. Perfect for your bedroom, children’s room, office, gym, kitchen, or living room.

  • ✔ SAFE & EASY TO USE: The Hathaspace diffuser is BPA-free and does not use any heat, providing a safe mist that the entire family can enjoy. Automatic shut-off technology and a smart timer ensure a lifetime of worry-free operation.

  • ✔ DIFFUSER, HUMIDIFIER, & PURIFIER: Intelligently designed, the Hathaspace diffuser serves as an essential oil diffuser, humidifier, and purifier. Capture the fragrance of your essential oils, humidify your room with ultra-fine mist, and improve your homes air quality with this multi-function diffuser.

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The Purest Way to Diffuse Your Essential Oils

The Hathaspace aromatherapy diffuser produces the perfect balance of aroma and cool mist, while maintaining the natural integrity of the essential oils you use.

Modern Italian Design

The Hathaspace diffuser was created to be the perfect piece for any room. With an all-natural Italian marble finish and a sleek shape, the Hathaspace diffuser will complement any décor.

Safe & Easy Aromatherapy 

Hathaspace diffusers are safe and easy to use. Everything is controlled by only 2 buttons and with a smart timer and automatic shut-off technology, you never have to worry.

Optional Ambient Light with 7 Colors

Choose from 7 pre-set colors or let the lights change before your eyes. You can also control brightness by choosing between a dim and bright mode. 

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Water Capacity: 300 ml 

Material: BPA-Free Plastic

Working Time Max: 16 hours 

Timer: 1h/3hrs/6hrs/ON 

LED Lights: Automatic color cycling + 7 pre-set colors with dim and bright modes 

Advanced Ultrasonic Technology: 2.4MHz

Power: 12 W / 110-240 V / 50-60 Hz 

Coverage Area: Up to 300 square feet 

Certifications: CE, FCC, RoHS 

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