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Cheap Price Triangle Shape Ultransmit Aroma Diffuser

1. Model: EU-708
2. Material: ABS+PP
3. Size: 136*136*130MM
4. Rated Voltage: DC 12V
​5. Rated Power Consumption: 12W
6. Cistern Storage: 120ML
7. Water Consumption Per Hour: 30ML
8. Time Mode: 30min/60min/120min/180min

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Sometimes you can put some incense in the room, not only to stabilize the mood to ease insomnia, but also to cure the body and mind. Preparing some aroma in house, life will be more pleasant. Staying in a sweet room for a long time is also the sublimation of body and mind. Because aroma by open fire is not suitable for modern home, aromatherapy essential oil is gradually replacing the aroma market. Aromatherapy essential oils are used in a variety of ways, so that incense is no longer limited to home life. Of course, the benefits of aroma is much more than these. Different scent with different ways to use, the effect is also different. When using aroma, try to choose suitable scent and way according to your own needs .


Stable mood  Help to sleep

Some friends who often suffer from insomnia can choose lavender, which has sedative effect, help to stable mood just like insomnia patients "medicine", and help to eliminate tension, improve depression. You can use aroma lamp in evening, add 2/3 capacity of the water, and 1 to 2 drops of lavender essential oil, then it will be able to have a nice sleep. Need to pay attention to choose a natural aroma, not only to help quickly fall asleep, improve sleep quality, but also harmless to health.

Package Details: 

1 * Aroma Diffuser EU-708

1 * AC Adatper

1 * User Manual

1 * Gift Box

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