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2017 Promotion Shenzhen Factory Manufacture Wholesale Electric Portable Aromatherapy Diffuser

1. Model: EU-705
2. Material: ABS
3. Size: 99*99MM
4. Rated Voltage: 5V
​5. Rated Power Consumption: 4W
6. Cistern Storage: 50ML
7. Water Consumption Per Hour: 20ML
8. Ultrasonic Frequency: 3MHz

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Product Details

2017 promotion shenzhen factory manufacture wholesale electric portable aromatherapy diffuser

Product Specification:

Model No:EU-705
Product Name:Mini USB Car humidifier aroma Diffuser
ApplicationAromatherapy, Home, Office, etc
Input Voltage:5V
Power Consumption:4W
Cistern Storage:50ml
Indicator Light:Blue

Product Feature:

  • Aroma Diffuser spread pleasing scent make your life more colorful.

  • Automatically switch off when water is empty.

  • High noise control, super quiet when operating.

  • Easy to adjust moisture outlet.

  • Moisture the dry air, breathe smoothy, easily fall asleep, ideal product for asthma and baby care.

  • Large 120ml water capacity that can continue use up to 3-5 hours each time.

  • The special function of anion, emits small particle size of anion that can be easily absorbed by human body, is healthy to physical and psychological treatment.

Product Show:

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Package Details: 

1 * Aroma Diffuser EU-705

1 * USB Cable

1 * User Manual

1 * Gift Box

IQC Test: Input Quality Control, we will check all the cargo material quality before flow production.


Function Test: Check the function of each component.


High Voltage Examination: For each finished item, we will test high voltage examination.


Air Tight Test: Check leakproofness of air and water(for aroma diffuser).


PCB Test: PCB is the core of the product, we must confirm the finished 4 times among the whole flow production.


Aging Test: Let the finished item run for a while on aging test line, the defective one must return.


Finished Product Inspection: This is the final test before packaging, the appearance and the function.

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